Erik Larson is the good-natured fellow behind the string of dark comedies produced by LarsErik Films.

He started out as an underground filmmaker in Chicago, utilizing mostly Super-8 film for his movies, which have been likened to everything from a Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland “let’s put on a show” production to drawing comparisons to John Waters. His work probably falls directly in the middle of those genres.

Starting as a teenager, Erik has rallied his friends together and put their imaginary adventures on the screen. Over a dozen collaborations later, with almost all the same performers, and they are still going strong.

In the moments he is not working on writing, directing, producing or editing a project, Erik supports himself (and his film habit) as a graphic designer. In addition to spending countless years as art director for a major video/music distributor, Erik does motion and news graphics for TV stations in various markets around the country. Since relocating to Los Angeles a few years back, he has been the graphic artist for L.A.’s long-running chat show “Good Day LA,” and is currently a graphics artist at top-rated ABC7 in Los Angeles.

Lamenting the discontinuation of Super-8 film for several years, Erik has reassembled much of the old gang for a new series of adventures. “Door Mat” is the new series of short digital films written, directed, produced and edited by Erik, reuniting him with Uncle Alice, Carrie D’Waay, Gabby Sanalitro, Faith Darling, Tony Pinizzotto, Nan Owens, and musician Jilly Idle, as well as working for the first time with talented newcomers Melissa Fosse-Dunne, Chris Villalobos and hot young recording sensation Cheeks.

There are more films in the works, as well as re-mastered versions of the earlier films. Erik and the LarsErik Films group are excited to enter into a whole new phase of their film careers, and  proudly tackle it as they always have: together.

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