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Uncle Alice returns to the big screen with the starring role in filmmaker Erik Larson’s series of short films entitled “Door Mat.”

“Door Mat” marks the 13th time they have teamed up for a big-screen opus, starting out when they were both in their teens with a project for Erik’s high school film class. Unfortunately, that film was lost immediately after it returned from the processing lab, and has never been seen again.

Since that time, they have created a series of unforgettable characters throughout their film and video collaborations over the decades.

Uncle Alice has stolen scenes as the mother of several main characters (“Daphne Dickensen,” “The Baby,” “Problem Child,” “Graham Crackers”) as well as several strong supporting character roles (“House of Sin,” “Hags to Riches”) before finally getting her very own showcase as cheerful dingbat Mitzi in 1996’s “Lost.”

She followed up with a great dual role in “Meter Girls,” including one of her all time favorites -- crude and crass landlady Naomi Baker. She delivered some of the best lines in the underground cult film, and had audiences applauding her every appearance on screen.

In the past few years, she has branched out, hitting the stage for acclaimed starring roles and has a small roles in the big screen drama “Hannah Free,” the indy romance “Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together” and the upcoming “Scrooge and Marley.”

With “Door Mat,” Erik and his favorite Uncle return to the dark comedy they like doing the best of all. Uncle Alice is front and center as Doreena Matune, as we follow her adventures out west with the people who come to visit and sample her unique brand of hospitality.


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